28 Apr

Custody of Children in Honolulu

Divorce is never easy. When a couple gets divorced, they’re not the only ones affected by the breakup. If there are children involved, their feelings need to be taken into consideration, especially where custody of children in Honolulu is concerned....
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21 Apr

Dividing Divorce Property in Honolulu

If you’re like the majority of couples in this country, you probably didn’t get married with the thought that you’d get divorced. Most people assume they will be married for life, however, these days that just isn’t the case. You...
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14 Apr

Domestic Abuse Attorney in Honolulu

Domestic violence is something that should never happen, but unfortunately it does in more families that you can imagine. If you’re not exactly sure what constitutes domestic violence, it’s defined as aggressive behavior within the home, usually between one spouse...
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