14 Apr

Domestic Abuse Attorney in Honolulu

Domestic violence is something that should never happen, but unfortunately it does in more families that you can imagine. If you’re not exactly sure what constitutes domestic violence, it’s defined as aggressive behavior within the home, usually between one spouse and the other. However, domestic violence can also occur between roommates, parents and children, or any other relative or family member. And domestic violence does not necessarily need to be physical, it can be emotional as well, which can leave terrible scars on the abused party. If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of being falsely accused of domestic violence, be sure to call our domestic abuse attorney in Honolulu, Steve Cedillos, at his local Honolulu law office.

It is most certainly unlawful for anyone to abuse someone in their family or a member of their household. Police have the right to arrest someone if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person is abusing someone in their household, and they can do it with or without a warrant. According to statistics on domestic violence, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds. In fact, domestic violence has been found to be a leading cause of injury for women. Our law office does not condone domestic violence of any kind. However, there are times when an accuser lies, exaggerates or even falsely accuses someone of domestic violence. It is in those cases where you want to call our domestic abuse attorney in Honolulu, Steve Cedillos.

If you have domestic or spousal abuse charges filed against you in Honolulu, it is generally charged as a misdemeanor. There are cases where it can be charged as a Class C felony, and if there is an order of protection issued, you can face both fines and jail time if you violate the conditions of the order. Protecting yourself from false claims is important and should be taken very seriously. That’s why you need to call Steve Cedillos, our domestic abuse attorney in Honolulu, right away. Fighting for your rights and proving your innocence takes an aggressive criminal defense lawyer on your side. So if you’re ever accused of a domestic crime you did not do, call our local Honolulu law office right away at 808-536-5242.

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