5 May

Hire Our Honolulu DUI Lawyer

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is a bad idea. Not only is it dangerous, but it is against the law. Drinking at home where you are safe is fine, but if you get behind the wheel after drinking, chances are you will need to hire our Honolulu DUI lawyer, Steve Cedillos to defend you. Going to jail because you’ve been drinking and driving is not something you want to do. But if you don’t have the right lawyer defending you, going to jail may be a real possibility.

When you hire our Honolulu DUI lawyer, Steve Cedillos, you will be getting years of experience behind you. Depending on whether you were simply swerving or going through red lights or you were in an accident caused by your drinking, you could be looking at stiff fines and even jail time. That’s why you want to have our experienced Honolulu DUI lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the law on your side.

There are certain procedures that must be followed when you are pulled over for driving under the influence. If those procedures are not followed to the letter of the law, Mr. Cedillos will make sure these procedures are brought up during your defense. For example, if a blood sample was taken and it was not processed properly, that is something that could be challenged so that you can have a better outcome. If you feel that you were mistreated by the officer that pulled you over, that is another situation that can be challenged and could result in a different outcome for you.

Once again, we always encourage you to never drink and drive. But if you do get into a situation where you’re behind the wheel with too much alcohol in your system, be sure to make a phone call to Steve Cedillos at (808) 536-5242. We will take good care of you.

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