12 May

Honolulu Attorney for Grandparents Rights

Divorce is hard on everyone. Spouses who can’t live together separate, and that’s a tough thing in and of itself. But when you add children into the mix, it’s the toughest situation of all. Divorce is tough on children, no matter what their age. That’s why our Honolulu attorney for grandparents rights, Steve Cedillos, makes sure that everyone in the family has visitation rights. Helping children through a divorce should always be the main focus of everyone in the family, no matter how bitter the divorce might be.

It’s never a good feeling for grandparents or their grandchildren if someone attempts to keep them apart. Maintaining a good relationship between these family members can be a tremendous help in healing the pain of divorce. Mr. Cedillos is a Honolulu attorney for grandparents rights who cares about children. Making sure your children and your parents have access to each other once a divorce is final is something that should be considered during the negotiation stage of the divorce. That’s where Mr. Cedillos can help write the rules for visitation and make sure the children are always considered first.

Although you may not think that grandparents should need to have their rights defined, it is very important that they are named in divorce proceedings these days. And there are actually cases where grandparents may end up with custody if the parents are deemed to be unfit. Taking a proactive approach where children are concerned is what our Honolulu attorney for grandparents rights, Steve Cedillos, can do for you. Please contact our Honolulu law office for more information at 808-536-5242. We will be happy to discuss your case with you and make sure grandparents and grandchildren are able to maintain their relationship throughout their lives. If a grandparent needs a petition for reasonable visitation rights, we will be happy to look into that for you.

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