18 Aug

Honolulu Domestic Violence Lawyer

There is never any reason for a spouse to live in an abusive relationship, never! If you are being harmed, physically, emotionally, or both, you need to get help and get out of that relationship as soon as possible. And if you have children who are watching the abuse take place, we can’t stress enough the urgency of the situation. Talking with our Honolulu domestic violence lawyer, Steve Cedillos, is one of the things we recommend you do if you are in an abusive relationship. Our staff is highly trained to help in these situations, and if you do not have help in coping with what is going on, we will gladly help you find someone to talk to who can assist you in coping and explaining the situation to your children. Above all, if your spouse if physically abusing you or your children, get out of the house immediately so that the abuse stops.

This may sound like alarming advice, but after years of experience with hundreds of divorce cases, our Honolulu domestic violence lawyer, Steve Cedillos, can tell you that physically removing yourself and your children from the violent situation is of utmost importance. Once you and your children are safe, you may need to have legal documents drawn up to keep your spouse away from you and your family. Our local law office can take care of that for you and we can even recommend places where you can get help with the emotional trauma as well as emotional help for your children to cope with the situation.

Marriage between two people should be a comforting, supportive situation. But when a marriage turns violent, it’s time to get help – immediately. Don’t take chances with your safety or the safety of your children. Call the law office of Steve Cedillos, your local Honolulu domestic violence lawyer, at 808-536-5242 for an appointment today. We will help make sure you and your children are safe from any more violent attacks.

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