21 Jul

Honolulu Family Lawyer

Whether you’re in the middle of a nasty divorce or you’re divorced and you’re in a fight for child custody, you need an experienced Honolulu family lawyer, and that would be attorney Steve Cedillos. With more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense and family law, Mr. Cedillos is recognized as one of the premiere family lawyers in the state.

Family law can be tough to handle because of how emotional it can be at times. When two spouses are in the midst of a bad divorce, fighting over property can be a huge stumbling block. With our Honolulu family lawyer, Steve Cedillos on your side, you’ll have someone who is an expert at property division on your side. Negotiating a settlement with a spouse for fl property division can be a tough thing to do on your own, so having a divorce attorney who has the experience to settle your differences for you is a big plus.

Of course, with every divorce where children are involved there is also the very sensitive situation that comes with child custody, child support, and visitation rights. Of all the family law situations that come up, these can be some of the most difficult to decide, especially if the parents are not friendly at all. Making sure each parent’s rights are considered, and also the rights of the children can sometimes be a tricky thing to maneuver. But that’s where attorney Steve Cedillos shines above other lawyers on the island. Making decisions that are in the interest of the children is always first and foremost in his mind. Making sure the children are safe and parents and even grandparents are considered in the settlement is always a priority.

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