8 Sep

Honolulu Grandparents Rights Lawyer

When a couple gets married, they don’t generally plan on getting a divorce. Most couples plan to be together for the rest of their lives. But sometimes things don’t work out and both parties realize that the best thing for everyone involved is to get a divorce. And although the rights of the children and their well-being should be first and foremost in everyone’s mind, there is a forgotten group that needs to be addressed, and those are the grandparents. When looking for a lawyer to help with your divorce, you’ll want to choose a Honolulu grandparents rights lawyer who can help set up visitation for everyone, including the grandparents.

Steve Cedillos is an attorney who not only handles divorces, but he is a prominent Honolulu grandparents rights lawyer who can make sure that the bond that has been built between the children and their grandparents is not broken once the divorce takes place. Many couples forget that the grandparents are an integral part of the lives of their children and making sure they have visitation rights, regardless of who has parental custody of the children. It is only fair if their mother has daily custody of the children that not only do her parents have the right to see them, but the father’s parents should also have the right to see their grandchildren too.

Grandparents can be a tremendous help to their grandchildren throughout a troubled marriage and especially during the divorce proceedings. They can offer a safe haven and stable environment as the couple tries to work out the details of the divorce. Having grandparents around and allowing them to help keep the children calm throughout the process can have a wonderful effect on the children. So making sure that all grandparents have the visitation rights they deserve is something that should be considered during and after the divorce process. When you work with our Honolulu grandparents rights lawyer, Steve Cedillos, you’ll have the help of the entire team to make sure that your children and their grandparents have the necessary representation. So give our office a call at 808-536-5242 and we’ll get to work for you.

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