7 Jul

Honolulu Prenuptial Agreement

Getting married is one of the happiest times of your life. The idea of a new beginning with someone who loves you can make you feel wonderful. But if you’re looking at having your future spouse sign a Honolulu prenuptial agreement before the wedding, you may be looking at taking an otherwise romantic time and turning it into one of your first big fights. Hopefully that’s not the case, but if it turns out that you have an issue with your future spouse when it comes to signing a prenup, you’ll want to call the local law office of Steve Cedillos, our Honolulu prenup expert, for assistance.

A Honolulu prenuptial agreement does not need to be anything scary, it’s simply a legal contract between two consenting adults who agree on how their assets should be distributed in case of a divorce or in the event that one or the other of them passes away while they are still married. Sometimes a spouse will get upset at the thought of a prenup if they happen to have less than the other spouse. It that is the case in your situation, it’s a good idea to have your future spouse talk with Mr. Cedillos so that he can explain the advantages for both parties.

Because of the high rate of divorce these days, statistics show that people who have been married before tend to divorce more often than people who are getting married for the first time. If this is the case with your marriage, you most certainly don’t want to go into it without a Honolulu prenuptial agreement. Now is the time to call the law office of Steve Cedillos for a consultation on the best way to proceed with this important document. So give our Honolulu law office a call today at 808-536-5242 and make an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you protect your assets and make sure that you are protected before you enter into a marriage.

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