1 Sep

Honolulu Traffic Offense Attorney

Have you noticed how many people are distracted when they’re driving these days? Everybody is talking on the phone while they’re in the car. They’re doing business, talking to friends, or worse yet, they’re texting. Being distracted while you drive is the cause of many auto accidents, and if you are charged with a traffic offense, you need to call our Honolulu traffic offense attorney, Steve Cedillos to represent you. Whether you’re talking on the phone, texting, driving under the influence or for any other reason that you get pulled over by the police, having the right representation is very important.

Imagine being charged with a driving offense and having an attorney who just passed his bar exam. The odds of that attorney being able to help you properly are ok, but why take that chance? With driving laws becoming stiffer and the possibility of losing your driver’s license, or worse, being the punishment, why would you trust your situation to anyone but an attorney with years of experience? You need to have an experienced Honolulu traffic offense attorney who can make sure that your rights are protected and that you don’t end up serving time if you don’t need to.

Because we live in a state where thousands of people visit every day, it’s very important that you be a careful driver. Congestion on our roads can make people impatient, especially if they are on vacation and in a hurry to see all the sights our beautiful islands offer. If you are accused of a moving violation of any kind, Steve Cedillos, our Honolulu traffic offense attorney should be one of the first phone calls you should make. You can reach Mr. Cedillos at his local Honolulu law office at 808-536-5242 any time, day or night. We are here to protect your rights, and that’s just what we’ll do.

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