25 Aug

Honolulu Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Whether you’ve been married for 20+ years or you were married last month, there’s no guarantee that you will be together for years to come. The fairytale marriages of years ago have gone by the wayside, and divorce is more the norm these days that it has ever been. In fact, statistics show that more than half of the couples who are married right now will probably end up in a divorce in the near future. Unfortunately, many people think that just because both parties agree that they should get a divorce they can just go down and sign a few papers and get out of a marriage. You would probably be surprised at how many couples end up hiring our Honolulu uncontested divorce attorney, Steve Cedillos, to assist with the uncontested divorce.

Just because you and your spouse agree that you don’t want to be married, it doesn’t mean that you will have an easier time than a couple who has done nothing but fight for their entire marriage. Sure, you probably read some articles on the internet about going down to the courthouse and filling out some papers to get a quickie divorce, and it all sounded very civil. But when it comes down to dividing up property and taking care of any children or even pets you may have had, things can get pretty ugly. That’s why hiring our Honolulu uncontested divorce attorney, Steve Cedillos, is a good idea right from the start.

When you hire our Honolulu uncontested divorce attorney, you can be sure the process will be as smooth as possible for you. If your spouse suddenly decides that he is not going to cooperate, it’s good to know that you have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side to help you through the rough times. If you’re contemplating divorce and you want a good experienced legal counsel, call our law office today at 808-536-5242 for an appointment.

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