12 Nov


Nobody goes into a marriage assuming they will get a divorce. Yet almost half of married couples get divorced these days. If you’re in that situation, you’ll want to call on the experience of Steve Cedillos, your experienced Honolulu divorce...
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12 Aug

The Best Interest of the Child

Children often experience the divorce of their parents in a very different way than the spouses themselves do. From the perspective of the parents, perhaps there is just too much fighting, or you have simply fallen out of love. For...
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2 Aug

Should We Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

Choosing to marry is not only a huge commitment you are agreeing to, but it is also the joining of everything you have. In general, when a couple decides to tie the knot, they will merge their bank accounts and...
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20 Jun

Driver in Fatal Makua Cave Crash Not Yet Charged

A young Honolulu resident has come forward to claim responsibility for an accident that left one passenger dead and four others with serious injuries. Police believe that as many as 11 people piled themselves into the back of the truck...
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