23 Jun

Paternity Lawyer in Honolulu

Establishing legal paternity is something that is necessary in order to determine the person financially responsible for the well-being of the child. Whether the father and mother are married, were never married, they’re separate or divorced, the welfare of the child should always be of utmost importance. For the most part, a man is usually presumed to be a child’s natural father when he is married to the mother at the time of birth. That is also the case if the child is born within 300 days from when the marriage breaks up. And, of course, if the father acknowledges that the baby is his, he would also be responsible for the financial care of that child. If there is an issue proving paternity, you may need to talk to our paternity lawyer in Honolulu, Steve Cedillos for help.

When there is an issue and a father is denying the child as his own, the need for our paternity lawyer in Honolulu is very clear. A mother should not be left with the entire responsibility of a child, whether the marriage is in the process of dissolving or whether the father was never married to the mother and is denying responsibility. That’s where Mr. Cedillos can step in and counsel the parties on the necessary action to not only prove paternity, but to hold the responsible party liable for expenses for the child.

The majority of times when a paternity lawyer is necessary is when a child is born to an unmarried couple. The father in question may then be subjected to a paternity test to show a genetic link to the child. If that test proves that the man is the biological father, then our attorney can draw up paperwork where both parties agree on the amount of financial responsibility and the timeframe in which that responsibility shall endure. If you’re in a situation where there is a question of paternity, contact our paternity lawyer in Honolulu, Steve Cedillos, for a free consultation at 808-536-5242.

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