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  1. Class A felony drug case; Client is charged with receiving drugs at a post office, Cedillos represents him and client is acquitted, jury finds co - defendant guilty.
  2. Abuse of Household Member and Terroristic Threatening case; Cedillos defends and client is acquitted after short jury deliberation in spite of sympathetic witness.
  3. Client is charged with Kidnapping and Assault in the First Degree, Class A felonies. Cedillos defends him and client is acquitted by jury even though co - defendant is found guilty.
  4. Sex Abuse Case, Military Courts Martial; Cedillos defends career soldier. Cedillos brings in expert in psychological tendencies of victims to incorporate in their testi mony what their interrogators suggest; client acquitted.
  5. Sex Assault Case, Military Courts Martial; African - American Marine accused of sex assault. Cedillos represents him and after a full jury trial before the panel, client is acquitted. Appointed Jag at torney had urged client to take a plea bargain.
  6. Drug Case - Client stopped at airport with good sized amount of cocaine and fitting profile of suspicious appearing traveler; Cedillos defends and obtains hung jury on nearly impossible case. Client's charges eventually dismissed 3 years later on search and seizure issue; client able to work and pursue career throughout.
  7. Abuse of Household Member; Wife accuses husband of Abuse, Cedillos defends and brings out wife's credibility problems and twisting of facts. Client is acquitted and a potential criminal record is averted.
  8. Driving Under the Influence Cases; various clients arrested for drunk driving. Cedillos represents and shows that po lice officer's observations do not rise to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt; clients acquitted.
  9. Family Law - Disturbed Husband abandons wife, obtains default divorce and disappears, taking their baby daughter with him. Years later, ex - husband shows up in Hawaii demanding child support. Cedillos files motion to regain custody for mother and she is awar ded full physical and legal custody after a trial in which Cedillos demonstrates to the Court just how detrimental father's continuing custody is to the best interests of the child. Father appeals and appeal is denied.
  10. Family Law - Father attempts to gain custody of son in spite of earlier court order awarding custody to mother. Cedillos represents and argues that court should abide by original court order. Child is returned to mother.





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