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After the decision of child custody has been made, one of the next steps in a divorce is to decide on a visitation agreement. Visitation is needed in divorce situations where only one parent is awarded custody. This is decided by the ability of each parent to provide proper care and parenthood to the child or children involved. In circumstances when the non-custodial parent is deemed unfit to care for the child, supervised visitation may be necessary. The rights of visitation will be memorialized in a schedule known as a parenting plan.

Family Law Matters in Hawaii
At the Law Offices of Steve Cedillos, I am prepared to help you through the legal battle associated with visitation rights and I can help you accomplish a visitation schedule that is suitable to you and your family's needs. As a Honolulu family lawyer, I can help you establish a visitation plan that protects the best interest of your child or children. If you are a parent that has been determined not fit to receive visitation rights, I can help you pursue a modification if so warranted. My firm can also help you establish and provide proof to the court that you are now capable of caring for the child in a proper manner.

If you are a resident of Honolulu, I can help you protect your rights and can help ensure that you are able to visit your child. If you are not a resident I can help you enforce your visitation rights if you are being denied. If the custodial parent is relocating I can help the non custodial parent to challenge the change in visitation which will come about as a result of the relocation.

A Honolulu Family Attorney Provides Compassionate Legal Represenation
I believe that holding on to the child / parent relationships after a divorce is imperative. For that reason, I fight with resolve to help you obtain the visitation rights that you deserve. In any circumstance, a child's best interest is my first priority. No matter what side of the issue you are on, I can help you fight for your rights and those of your children. Contact my firm today to learn more about how a Honolulu divorce attorney can help!





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